Offices of dlw Architects located in Dunedin, FL


David L. Wallace and Associates, P.A.
A Professional Architectural Services Firm

David L. Wallace and Associates, P.A., was founded by David L. Wallace in 1981, after a successful career working in hotel and resort Architecture throughout the world, not to mention being a team member on international NATO engineering efforts. The firm is now based in Tampa Bay,Florida and is headed by David L. Wallace, Jr., NCARB, AIA and continues a long-standing tradition of leadership in the Design, Architecture and Engineering of mid-to-large-scale projects including Hotels, Resorts, Multi-family, Mixed Use, Office, Campus, Retail and Entertainment development.

As the Principals-in-Charge, both father and son combined are currently the Architects of Record on over $500 Million worth of Projects in development, with a shared history that easily eclipses $6 Billion. The men behind David L. Wallace & Associates are not only registered in approximately forty five states, but together they also own several hotels. Their knowledge and understanding of the ownership experience can be helpful when it requires understanding of the owner’s point of view.

With offices in Tampa Bay and Las Vegas, dlw architects has the Professional staff to successfully complete any size project, but remains small and nimble enough to provide personal service and commitment. With the expansion of a new office in South Florida, dlw architects will continue to grow and reinforce its position as a leading architecture and engineering firm on the global stage.

David L. Wallace & Associates, P.A. (dlw architects) provides design and consulting services, with a particular focus on:

  • Hospitality
  • Condo & multi-family use
  • Multi-use projects & resorts
  • Commercial, retail & restaurants
  • Houses of Worship
  • Other projects

When we join your team, we bring comprehensive industry experience and an energetic staff.
No matter the scale or nature of the project, we pay close attention to:

  • Basic Requirements - clearly defining your needs
  • Beautiful Aesthetics - designing a unique and attractive structure
  • Bottom Line - planning and maintaining a realistic budget

dlw architects is now helmed by David L. Wallace, Jr., who grew up surrounded by drafting tables and construction sites. Today, father and son are still working together, with David L. Wallace, Sr. continuing to consult for the firm.